Polyga 3D Scanner Videos

Learn the process of creating high resolution digital 3D models from objects in the physical world.

3D Scanning Tutorial: Basics 1 – setting up for scanning

Connecting the scanner, setting up exposure and scanning parameters.

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Polyga Compact Scanners Overview

Learn about different types of Compact scanners and how it empowers various industrial and scientific applications.

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In this video, we explain different features of The H3
  1. Adding your Scanner on FS3D.
  2. Scanning Workflow.
  3. Setting cut plane.
  4. Toggling between Alignment modes.
  5. Gain & Brightness Settings.
  6. Stationary Mode.
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Polyga Compact 3D Scanner: Automating the 3D Scanning Workflow

The Polyga Compact makes it very easy to automate the 3D scanning process that would normally be done mostly by hand. It cuts down scanning down and makes 3D scanning simple.

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Map High Resolution Color Images To Any 3D Scan Using Free Tools

In this tutorial video, we explain in detail on how to add a seamless full color mapping to a monochrome 3D scan using MeshLab and series of colour photographs of the model.

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Polyga H3 – Full Body Scan

Full body scan performance video featuring the Polyga H3 handheld scanner using structured light. No markers were used in the making of this scan.

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